Sunday, April 28, 2013

WASTE WATCHER ON HIGH ALERT! Its time to make moves.

Hi there! You might've noticed I've been gone for a while - sorry to leave you hanging. 

Now that I've crawled out of the woodworks, I'll do my best to make up for lost time. Here's a clever commercial released in the EU about food waste (also kind of a metaphor for my blog inactivity):

In the US, wer're used to seeing PSA's with messages like "Give More" paired with images depicting  consequences of our inaction (a hungry child, an abused animal.) We all know those commercials that really tug at your heart strings, the ones you can only bear watching for a couple seconds before promptly changing the channel.
Well, this commercial takes the opposite approach by depicting the idle culprit. Its interesting that many of the actors bear expressions much like that of the sedentary viewer watching this commercial. It quite literally, "hits home"by using images of people in or around their houses. What's more, I can actually sit through the entire thing.
This is how pretty much every other American commercial is structured - make the viewer identify with the people on screen. And those seem to be effective selling products. So why not use this model to raise awareness for social issues?

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