Sunday, April 28, 2013

Composting Made Easy

Recently my house significantly cut down our food waste by signing up for this program called Bootstrap Compost. If you live in the greater Boston area and you're hesitant to start composting because you think it'll be a smelly hassle, Bootsrap makes it easy! They give you a bucket (with a smell-suppressing lid) and twice a month they'll pick it up from your door and give you a fresh bucket. Simple as that! PLUS, a few months after your first deposit, Boostrap gives back some of your contribution in the form of usable compost that you can feed to your plants. And if you dont want compost dirt they'll donate your share to a local school or garden that does. 

Still not sold? Consider this: you probably recycle (to some extent) in your home. A lot of people do nowadays. In fact, recycling has increased by 10% since 1990 - not such a big whoop, but its progress...sort of - while 62% of paper is recycled only 2% of food waste is composted or otherwise recycled (as of 2011). That's pretty shameful. If we can get on board with saving cardboard (and we all know breaking down boxes is kind of a nuisance) surely we can handle putting food scraps in a bucket. 

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